About Carnival 2021

On 13th November 1998, The World Kindness Movement (A recognised as the peak global body for Kindness) established the World Kindness Day. The idea behind the day was to recognise “kindness” as a global phenomenon and promote universal togetherness. Since then, it observed in many countries including the United States, Canada, India, Japan, Australia and the U.A.E.

Kindness Unlimited is the only organisation that represents India on the World Kindness Movement and celebrates the day through various events and awareness initiatives. Kindness Carnival is specially designed to involve schools and children to celebrate and understand the essence and importance of kindness in everyday life.

What is Kindness Karnival?

We believe Kindness is the core attribute of our reality and without it, we would merely not be a being anymore. We also accept it's vital to fuse and nurture the attribute of Kindness right from our existence hence our main focus is to teach kids what kindness really feels like. Since we are stuck in a pandemic for a while now, why not do something fun, spread happiness whilst practicing kindness.

Welcome to the Kindness Carnival 2021.

THEME 2021

More than ever, the recent pandemic has given us an opportunity to learn and realise the necessity of kindness. Millions of humans across the world have experienced kindness in some form - be it a giver, receiver or an observer. We acknowledge that the survival of our planet, our society and us humans can only be ensured through kindness at multiple levels. The theme for this year is all about understanding the necessity of kindness in everyday life along with accommodating diverse differences. The Carnival is an opportunity for us to understand the necessity of kindness from the children. We would like to hear their rendezvous with kindness under the backdrop of the pandemic, in their own voices.








About Kindness Unlimited

Kindness Unlimited (KU) is a youth centric volunteer led organisation dedicated to promote Social and Economic change through Kindness. KUs definition of Kindness is “Balancing self-interest with greater good”. The philosophy acknowledges the importance of maintaining the tightrope balance between individuals' self- interest while actively contributing to the greater good /community-actualisation. It is a GuideStar certified NGO based on Mumbai since 2005.

About HumanQind

HumanQind is a non profit design foundation harnessing kindness with children agency to amplify their everyday safety, equity and happiness by human centered workshops and tools. Their flagship program CROSSWALK is a compassion in action program to reinforce student agency by reimagining access to education with children, their school and political communities. HumanQind received the Global Honor for their work at the UN World Urban Forum 2020.

Visit the Schools

Check out stalls of different groups, speak to people and find out how you can contribute!