The Kalyani School

The Kalyani School has been established with the view that education is the soul of the society. It is the kindling of an eternal flame that represents the light of spirit, knowledge and victory. Promoted by the Kalyani Group under the aegis of the Akutai Kalyani Charitable Trust, The Kalyani School believes in guiding the mind, body and spirit of the young generation, helping them discover and realize their full potential as individuals and moulding them to be responsible citizens of society. We provide our children with a harmonious, stimulating learning environment; encouraging them to think independently, to respect themselves and others and to value excellence. We are a co-ed, CBSE school located in Manjri, Pune, Maharashtra, on a sprawling nine acre campus. We have been operational from the academic year 2015- 16, currently with classes from Jr. K.G. to Grade XII. We provide holistic education to our students and enable them to achieve their potential and attain excellence


Welcome Nov 13 - Sat 17:00 17:05 Add to Calendar
Prayer Nov 13 - Sat 17:05 17:08 Add to Calendar
Kindness Jr. KG Nov 13 - Sat 17:08 17:10 Add to Calendar
Podcast 1(Middle Grade) Nov 13 - Sat 17:10 17:15 Add to Calendar
Drama Skit Nov 13 - Sat 17:15 17:23 Add to Calendar
Kindness Sr. KG Nov 13 - Sat 17:23 17:25 Add to Calendar
Shridevi ma’am Nov 13 - Sat 17:25 17:30 Add to Calendar
Podcast 2 (Sr. Grade) Nov 13 - Sat 17:30 17:35 Add to Calendar
Choir ( Heal the world) Nov 13 - Sat 17:35 17:38 Add to Calendar
Vote of thanks Nov 13 - Sat 17:38 17:43 Add to Calendar

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11 Messages

Don't forget to be kind!

Well done!! Wonderful performance!!

~ Sangita Sarkar from NMLKPS, JAMSHEDPUR

I want to show the carnival program

~ Snigdha Mukherjer from Jamshedpur jharkhand

Very Nice Program and and very well conducted.

~ Suryansh Rajyam from Pune, Maharashtra


~ Suryansh Rajyam from Pune, Maharashtra

Lovely show. Let's spread kindness.

~ Sheela from Jamshedpur