Pragnya Bodhini High School

Our school Pragnya Bodhini High School - is a 65 year old institution. Our vision is empowered India and to achieve this we relentlessly work on our mission of ‘excellence in education’. The goal of ‘perfection’ that we’ve set for ourselves pushes us to do better and our thoughts are rooted in the belief that to teach is to touch a life forever. Our school harbours a diverse population of students. Each one belonging to a different Culture, a different socio economic status, a set of different ideologies. Hence we have always encouraged not just tolerance but acceptance of differences. The foundation of our school culture is laid on kindness and compassion because we truly believe that I’d love cannot change you nothing else can.


Prayer - (lighting of lamp) Nov 13 - Sat 17:00 17:04 Add to Calendar
Our roots in compassion (principals address) Nov 13 - Sat 17:04 17:08 Add to Calendar
Kindness begins from home (drawing presentation) Nov 13 - Sat 17:08 17:18 Add to Calendar
Love thy self (videos of children doing positive self talk) Nov 13 - Sat 17:18 17:28 Add to Calendar
A place for all (displaying of Children's drawings of an inclusive society) Nov 13 - Sat 17:28 17:36 Add to Calendar
Our Community services (our little selfless contribution) Nov 13 - Sat 17:36 17:46 Add to Calendar
Kindness is a choice (story) Nov 13 - Sat 17:46 17:53 Add to Calendar
The Humanity song (a Marathi song) Nov 13 - Sat 17:53 17:57 Add to Calendar
School prayer Nov 13 - Sat 17:57 18:01 Add to Calendar

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7 Messages

Don't forget to be kind!

Wonderful initiative... Let's spread kindness.. Congratulations to the entire team

~ Dr.V.Bindhu from Hosur Public school

Thank you very much for spreading kindness as a core value and Life Skill.

~ Nirmala Mehendale from Mumbai

All the best for your effort to prepare a humane society

~ Rajalakshmy K P from Bangalore

Wonderful performance!! God bless you all... kindness happy always..

~ Sangita Sarkar from NMLKPS, JAMSHEDPUR

So happy to get a glimpse of the kind work you are doing! May your tribe increase! Congratulations to the school, especially the students, for participating in the Kindness carnival! Let's together create a kinder world!

~ Vijayam Kartha from Pune