Kindness Unlimited and HumanQind

The idea behind this day is to recognize “kindness” as a global phenomenon and promote universal togetherness. The Carnival is an opportunity for us to understand the necessity of kindness from the children. We would like to hear their rendezvous with kindness under the backdrop of the pandemic, in their own voices. If you would like to connect with us and like to participate in the next Carnival, please drop your comments with School and contact Details in the Guestbook. We will connect with you. Also, do let us know your views about the carnival thought the Guestbook. We encourage you to also drop your comments for every school you visit on their guestbook as well. WELCOME TO THE KINDNESS CARNIVAL - 2021! STAY AMUSED! STAY KIND Team, KU & HumanQuind

Don't forget to be kind!

Beautiful ideas,. God bless you all.

~ Baljeet kaur from Kps kadma

So happy to see the goodness overflowing.. congratulations to the entire team

~ Dr.V.Bindhu from Hosur Public school

God bless you all

~ Sangita Sarkar from NMLKPS, JAMSHEDPUR

Lovely idea for spreading such an important value.... Starting with children 🙏

~ Baljinder kaur from KIS, Pune