The chain of Kerala Public School is managed by the Kerala Public School Trust. The service of the school is dedicated to the benefit of all persons. The school aims at and imparts practical and purposeful education to pupils. The best of education is given with utmost care, love and understanding.


Introductory speech by the principal Nov 13 - Sat 17:00 17:05 Add to Calendar
Poem by Smriti Viruli Nov 13 - Sat 17:05 17:10 Add to Calendar
Explore the idea of kindness Nov 13 - Sat 17:10 17:20 Add to Calendar
Song Nov 13 - Sat 17:20 17:25 Add to Calendar
Kindness calendar Nov 13 - Sat 17:25 17:30 Add to Calendar
Sharing podcast of middle wing Nov 13 - Sat 17:30 17:35 Add to Calendar
Poem by Isha Nandi Nov 13 - Sat 17:35 17:40 Add to Calendar
Sharing podcast by senior wing Nov 13 - Sat 17:40 17:45 Add to Calendar
Western Dance Nov 13 - Sat 17:45 17:50 Add to Calendar
Charity at Hind Ashram Nov 13 - Sat 17:50 18:00 Add to Calendar
Sharing of podcast by junior wing Nov 13 - Sat 18:00 18:05 Add to Calendar
Eastern Dance Nov 13 - Sat 18:05 18:10 Add to Calendar
Speech by Ananya Raj Nov 13 - Sat 18:10 18:15 Add to Calendar
Meeting with the God (drama) Nov 13 - Sat 18:15 18:25 Add to Calendar
Nukkad Nov 13 - Sat 18:25 18:30 Add to Calendar

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12 Messages

Don't forget to be kind!


~ Navjot from 13

Hello, everyone hope u all are fine

~ Shagun from Jharkhand

On World kindness Day, I wish that life always reaches out to you in many unexpectedly kind and generous ways. Kindness is a very big thing and you are gifted it ! So throught of sending my huges and love on World kindness Day

~ Shourey Kumar prasad from Jharkhand


~ Sumeet from Jharkand jamshedpur

No anser

~ Surya Kapuri from Gamhharia